Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Snaptu v1.2.4 J2ME – Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Lives

NseriesPower10069 Snaptu v1.2.4 J2ME   Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Lives
Snaptu v1.2.4 J2ME – Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Livescore, RSS Reader, Google Calendar
Access Facebook, Picasa, Live score, Pub reviews, Movie reviews, RSS reader, Journey planner and more.
Facebook, Picasa, Live score, Pub reviews, Movie reviews, RSS reader, Journey planner… all accessible now through one tiny free application!
Snaptu application browser boosts your phone with iPhone like user experience. Install Snaptu on your phone to get free access to the web’s best online services.
The Picasa photo browser enables you to view multiple public and private Picasa Web Albums and search for photos from your mobile device. With the RSS reader you can read your favorite feeds and blogs from the mobile phone, anytime, anywhere for free.
Now featuring new applications:
* Facebook application to stay updated with your social life while on the go. Never lose touch with your friends again – get live news and status updates, browse through your friend’s profiles, read and write messages and update your status.
* Live football coverage, showing real-time game results, news, commentary, favorite tournaments and teams by Score24Live.
* Transport for London – Tube line status and Journey Planner
…and more!
Snaptu v124 J2MEzip Snaptu v1.2.4 J2ME   Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Lives

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Photo Snap Mobile v2.6.1 J2ME

NseriesPower10065 Photo Snap Mobile v2.6.1 J2MENseriesPower10066 Photo Snap Mobile v2.6.1 J2ME Photo for mobile phones*** Sony Ericsson similar to the configuration of phones from other manufacturers (not guaranteed!)with support for JSR-75.It has a convenient*** understandable interface. Can apply It has a convenient*** understandable interface. Can apply various effects to the image – import framework and applications. A well as customize the channels*** turning resize the image. Those, though, most operations done with this icon. Added feature paint.Now, in addition to templates, you can do risovat, something,*** even,Now, in addition to templates, you can dorisovat, something,*** even,*** their own drawings, with a clean sheet. And experience has shown that –quite good,*** without much effort, thanks warp line.There, working with transparency*** adjustable Soft-pen.There, working with transparency*** adjustable Soft-pen.There is a lens*** the convolution kernel, with an arbit rary size. Len scan filter out the plot, the last applied effect, or photos, appendix, as a frame. The images are stored for atah in JPEG, BMP*** PNG. The language is automatically set independing on the language of your phone.Localizations: Ukrainien, English, Russian.
Photo Snap Mobile v261zip Photo Snap Mobile v2.6.1 J2ME

Monday, 28 September 2009

ZipClip v2.81 J2ME -Combines the best of the web and wap

Screenshot0243 ZipClip v2.81 J2ME  Combines the best of the web and wapScreenshot0244 ZipClip v2.81 J2ME  Combines the best of the web and wap
ZipClip is a new innovation that combines the best of the web and mobile. It lets you easily clip most anything you want, from most any site on the World Wide Web and send it straight to your mobile phone or a friends. And its free.
ZipClip works best when you have the application on your phone and on your computers browser. Then, with a simple right click of your mouse while browsing at your computer, you can select video, text, images, animations, etc. and send it straight to your phone.
No more hassling with primitive methods of trying to send content to your phone (SMS or email) or trying to browse a web page onyour phone. The exact content you want is sent to your phone and easily accessible for you to enjoy.
Features :
* Make ringtones from Youtube videos
and send to your phone
* Upload cool stuff from Facebook
and MySpace
* Send ringtones from the Web to your
* Upload videos, from YouTube to your
computer and phone
* Make wallpapers from images on
* Upload pictures and videos to your phone
* Edit videos, photos and music and upload
* Upload music, videos, images, docs from your computer
* Share your uploads and ringtones with others

Sunday, 27 September 2009

SHAPE Services RDM Plus v3.7.9

rdmimage Java : SHAPE Services RDM Plus v3.7.9 S60 Java Cracked TgSPDA
4remotedt Java : SHAPE Services RDM Plus v3.7.9 S60 Java Cracked TgSPDA5virtkbd Java : SHAPE Services RDM Plus v3.7.9 S60 Java Cracked TgSPDA SHAPE Services RDM Plus v3.7.9 Incl Desktop S60 Java Cracked-TgSPDA
Access remotely your computer even through NAT and Firewall from mobile. You can send and receive emails, edit word documents, surf web , manage files and folders and do hundreds other things that you usually do sitting in front of your home or office computer.
Access your PC from your mobile device wherever you are
Control your desktop remotely, manage files and send e-mails easily from your mobile.
Firewall traversal
You don’t need to change any firewall settings or ensure direct access to your computer from the Internet.
Features :
Friendly interface
The user interface is easy-to-use. You can start working immediately. RDM+ is available on English and German.
Automatic setup
Installation and configuration are automatic and take only a few minutes.
Computer list
Save information about computers in your computer list to connect quickly.
File manager
Copy/cut/paste files and folders remotely, download files from your computer to the mobile device and upload files to the computer.
System manager
Control windows, processes and services on your remote computer, check system performance easily, view system information.
Quick commands
Use quick commands for handy and swift remote computer control.
Full-screen view and zooming
In full-screen mode you can see the remote screen on the entire screen of your device. Zoomed mode lets you see enlarged fragment of the desktop in more detail.
Text input
Supports direct text input from your mobile device keyboard as well as national keyboard layout and national character sets.
You can switch between different modes using predefined hotkeys. You can also create device-specific keys for mouse click and open desktop menu.
Desktop orientation
You can change the desktop orientation for more convenient work with your mobile device. Turn the desktop 90 degrees to the left or to the right.
Advanced security option
Advanced security option lets you assign main password at startup of the client. If your handheld is lost or stolen no one can access your client computer list.
Powerful security
Connection to the RDM+ Servers is completely safe. All transferring data is strongly encrypted with the 3DES (Triple DES, CBC mode) algorithm using 128-bits key.
Client application works on any Java-enabled and Symbian mobile phone with support GPRS, EDGE or 3G service.
Whats New :
Bugfix in the computer list.
The error while creating a shortcut is removed.…gSPDA.rar.html

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Videotube v1.0 J2ME Youtube Application

The Best Youtube Application.
The application is presently in the Beta Stage Lets u watch videos on You tube. It also provides you information on videos description, Rating etc.We can writes pages on it . If you think seeing is believing then check our app videos on the Youtube.100% YouTube Ready !! Can play all the 3gp videos Video Mobile is a data intensive application. We recommend that you upgrade to an unlimited data plan to avoid additional charges.


Friday, 25 September 2009

TinyEncryptor 1.74

TinyEncryptor is a java mobile application to encrypt files and editing protected texts.Encryption algorithm: TwoFish. Actually, program is a shell for freely distributed encryption library from Legion of the Bouncy Castle. Size of file being encrypted isn’t limited, minimal key length - 8 characters. While encrypting, file being encrypted will have been written “on place” of the old file. It decrease or come to nothing probability of unencrypted file recovery. The second program function - edit/view encrypted texts.

Program had been tested and work on: SonyEricsson K550i, SonyEricsson K810.
TinyEncryptor 1.74

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Kugou Mobile Music Player v2.11 English Java mp3 player

This is a google translate version of the new j2me mp3 player Kugou Mobile Music Player v2.11

Translated by Sujesh
* Note this is not a good translated version . Hope someone esle will create a better one


Fonwar Instant Messenger V4.0 Messenger

Join the world’s best mobile chat service. With lots of fun chatrooms, MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM, photos, SMS & many more! Works on over 2000 handsets.
Highly Compatible
Fonwar IM v3 is only 86kb in memory space and support phones of all sizes! It’s light weight allows easy installation and smooth start up!
Thousands of linked chatrooms!
Chat in one of Fonwar’s many chatrooms filled with rich emoticons (smiley faces and winks!) and is accessible from wap and web as well! Furthermore you can create new chatrooms which your friends can join!
The Fonwar IM!
Chat with friends on MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, AIM and Fonwar instant messenger on your mobile! Express your feelings through emoticons on Fonwar instant messenger as well!
Cheap SMS
Make use of Fonwar’s excellent SMS services and low price of only 200 MGold! MGold is easily earned; everything you do on the Fonwar Community Website earns your MGold! Logging in, having photo or video of the month, joining special all earns you MGold!

Mobile Fun!
Subscribe to a mobile fun and get daily sms updates on jokes, love, horoscopes, ringtones, music, wallpapers and games! All for only a low price of 50 MGold per sms!
Tournament Games!
Certain games from Fonwar are tournament games! Where the top ten players on the Hall of Fame will earn MGold on a weekly basis! Play games and be the best on Fonwar. MGold earn can also be used to redeem prizes describe in the following section.
Redeem Prizes!
If you are an active user of Fonwar you will realize something. You will be flooded with large amount of MGold! So what can you do with MGold? Redeem prizes from the gift shop! Fonwar offers excellent gift redemption like psp, computers, and many more! You can also send virtual gifts to your friends to express yourself! Virtual gifts are limited and thus can worth a lot of MGold later! Currently available to selected countries.
Link with the Wap Site!
Much of the function Fonwar IM is linked with the Fonwar wap and website! This allows much easier access for you and your friends! Your friends using Fonwar IM can chat with you even though are comfortable at home on your PC!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lamp v0.0.4

This tool is really useful when trying to find something in the dark. Take a tourch in your pocket! Flash support for Nokia S40 5th Edition / Sony-Ericsson JP-7 JP-8.
New version v0.0.4
+ Added loading screen.
+ New About section
+ Added help for camera flash keystrokes on supported phones

New version !! v0.0.3.

+ Now light keeps on, phone screensaver disabled.
+ Battery optimization.
+ FullScreenMode bug fixed!


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

SMScryptor 1.0.0

SMScryptor is a mobile phone application that allows you to send and receive encrypted text messages.

SMScryptor allows you to Protect your secret messages from operators, spywares, network sniffers, and anyone accessing your mobile phone.

You can access your messages from your mobile phone and from anywhere using a desktop computer with the same security level. Just login with your access code, write your secure message, and notify your contact by sms (expense of the sms in the normal rate of your operator).

SMScryptor 1.0

Monday, 21 September 2009

ProPaint Mobile v1.4.1 J2ME [EN/RU] -mobile graphic editor/paint program- *updated*

The graphic editor with the beautiful interface and the big possibilities. Allows both create the drawings, and to edit the existing. Also there is a possibility without leaving the appendix to receive photos from the chamber, to grasp shots from video, to collect animation from pictures of any format etc. The set of effects, tools is accessible, also there is a support of graphic fonts and a brush.

Change Log :

- Saving in PNG 8-bit (indexed color)
- Replaced the library preservation GIF89 for better supporting transparency. Now static images and animated gif will be qualitative.
- Opening bmp software. Do not know why, but it may be useful. And it gave me the emulator SE, bmp it does not open.
- Analysis of gif animations on the frames. Create a folder with the name of the source file, and there throwing shots to the number (1,2,3,4) when unpacking, you can choose a format for the dismantled frames.
- Parsing psd files (!) In layers. Works as well as the function disassembly gif.
- Did the preservation of transparency in GIF.
- Added a choice of maintaining transparency in PNG. If transparency is disabled, the output png-file will be smaller than with transparency.
- Added a notification message when saving.
- Added new effects. Separated simply b / w effect of h / b with dithering. Now it's 2 different effect.
- Added a save in the format of PPM (PortablePixMap).
- Added reading PortablePixMap: color (PPM), grayscale (PGM) and black and white (PBM).
- Added the opening of the hand of the fs. Open from fs brush will always be last in the list when you change the brush.
- A lot of other changes.


Sunday, 20 September 2009

KD Player v0.9.6

What’s New in version 0.9.6 :
1. Added icons in the menu to the music library - To install the icons when changing the skin tag is designed “icons”, which shows their image. (example: icons.png file in the archive the application);
2. Added reading of tags, bitrate and sample for the WMA-files;
3. Added a separator in the music library for a list of playlists and autoplaylists;
4. Added item “Information on the skin” - to display information about the author skin, creation date, etc.;
5. Added auto-hide commands “menu” in the music library;
6. Added automatic conversion in the file manager to choose the disk, if the folder with the music has been removed or renamed - now you do not need to press the “Back” to exit from non-existing folder;
7. Changed the window displaying information about the impossibility of opening the files, updating the music library, etc. - Now the message will be displayed directly in the player;
8. Corrected reading of tags on devices Symbian - now the application does not hang when reading the information on file;

KD Player 0.9.6

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Ultimate File Explorer v.1.0

The Ultimate File Explorer v.1.0

This is the last file manager that you will ever need! The Ultimate File Explorer contains all the essential features that you will ever need in a file manager (including sending files via Bluetooth). Just try it for your self!
Permissions: In order for this application to work, the following applications permissions need to be set:  Connectivity -> Always allowed Read user data -> Ask every time Edit user data -> Ask every time Setting permissions:

1. Select Applications from the menu.
2. Select ‘’.
3. Select ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’.
4. Select options.
5. Select permissions.
6. Set the permissions.
Nokia Series 40:
1. Find ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’ on your device and select it.
2. Select options.
3. Select application access
4. Set the permissions
1. Select tools from the menu.
2. Select Manager.
3. Select ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’ from the list of applications.
4. Select suite setting.
5. Set the permissions.
Sony Ericsson:
1. Find ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’ on your device and select it.
2. Select more.
3. Set the permissions.
Note well: Not all devices support Bluetooth for Java! The Ultimate File Explorer supports hiding file and . It should be noted that some devices still display hidden files (e.g. media files) in their media browsers.

mJetz v1.43 J2ME full featured web browser

Experience a better mobile web today make it Personal and Social with mJetz its FREE!

Access your favorite email, social networks, IM* and mobile web sites plus mobile widgets (mJetz) like Wikipedia, Weather, Sports, and News all personal, local and relevant to your life. The revolutionary fluid navigation interface puts your Favorites one click away at all times. Quickly access the information you need and stay in contact with your friends throughout the day you are always in touch.

Find what youre looking for with the best mobile search available. Search once to choose from web, mJetz and RSS results in a glance. Or Browse among the most popular content in the mJetz community. Add search results to your Favorites and Share them with your friends by sending articles and personal messages directly to their mobile phone or email.

Best of all, mJetz is 100% FREE. With a web-ready JAVA phone** you are just a few clicks away from unlocking the full potential of the mobile web. Download mJetz today to put the world in your pocket!

*mJetz email includes Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and MSN Hotmail
mJetz Social Networking includes Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, MocoSpace, Orkut, Hi5, and MyGamma
mJetz Instant Messaging includes Google Talk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo!
mJetz Business Networking includes LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Xing.

**mJetz is free to download and use. We never charge or bill for anything. mJetz uses the Internet connection on your mobile phone and provider charges may apply.

Connection issues?
Please manually activate the Java settings in your mobile phone to make sure you can connect through mJetz. You might still have connection issues if your mobile provider restricts the connection. Please contact your provider and make sure you have a flat-rate /unlimited data plan. If you still cannot connect, please drop us a line at support[at] and we will make sure to help you out


Friday, 18 September 2009

Twim 1.15

Twim is a mobile Twitter client that runs on devices that are compatible with Java MIDP 2.0.

What’s New in This Release:
· TwitrPix support
· Cancel option to media menu
· Initial auto-refresh option with alarming of new tweets
· Option to automatically load tweets on startup
· Tab names changed: “Recent”>”Home”, “Friends”>”Following”
· Fix for non-latin characters when posting photos
Twim 1.15

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Pocket Express 5.28

Pocket Express is the premier mobile app for the information you need, as you need it! With personalized news, Sports, Weather, Travel and much more all in one spot, it’s the only info-app you’ll ever need. Get it. Share it. FREE!
Express News:
News as it Happens
Live Wire Service: Worldwide breaking news and photos from around the world
Know what’s happening before other media can decide if it’s news

Express Sports
Best Sports Coverage on a Phone
Real-time scores and in-game stats, analysis and photos
Stay in-touch with your favorite teams no matter where you are
Express Weather:
Better Weather Around the Globe
Weather conditions around the world
Comprehensive forecasts, ski conditions, and marine weather for any destination
Express Stocks:
Always Know When You’re Up
stock market portfolio tracking and company news stories
NASDAQ, S&P 500 and the Dow Jones market indices and financial market news
Express Entertainment:
Your Hollywood Connection
The latest TV, movie and music news and reviews
Never worry about sold out tickets again, purchase right from your phone
Express Search:
Better Information. Faster.
NEW Simplified Directory Search and NEW Yellow Page categories
Unlimited 411 White and Yellow Page directory look-ups
Express Maps:
Never Ask for Directions Again
Detailed local maps and turn-by-turn directions
Map locations from your device’s address book

Express Travel
Fastest. Here to There.
Book any type of travel any time of the day
Flight status information at your fingertips
Unlimited access to OAG, The Official Airline Guide
75,000 daily departures from 3,500 airports around the world
Hotel Search, Travel Phone Numbers and Currency Conversion
Nokia’s Symbian S60 3rd and S60 5th edition based mobile phones:-
3250, 5300, 5320 XM, 5700, 5700 XM, 5800 XM (Tube), 6110, 6120c, 6121c, 6124c, 6210, 6220c, 6290, 6650, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E63, E66, E70, E71, E90, ,N70, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N90, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95, N95 8GB, N96, N97.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mobile Number Locater v1.0 J2ME (Indian Numbers Only)

Mobile Number Locater v1.0 J2ME (Indian Numbers Only)
Traces the general information of any mobile number (ONLY INDIAN NUMBER), like 'Service Provider' , 'State', Reference City' etc...

jDictionary Mobile Concise English Dictionary v4.0 S60 Java

This application uses the same extensive database as Advanced English Dictionary with more than 1.4 million words but without links and relationship between the words. A good compromise between size, content and price.
Little Brother of Advanced English Dictionary
You just want to look up the definition of words in a premium quality electronic dictionary for minimum price? Welcome to Concise English Dictionary, your pocket reference! This application uses the same extensive database as Advanced English Dictionary with more than 1.6 million words but for a considerably lower price. The only thing you might miss is the relationship between the words, but if that does not bother you, don’t hesitate to use this advantageous offer!
Features in a nutshell
One of the largest database
Concise English Dictionary uses one of the largest English database. It contains up to 250,000 entries and more than 1.6 million words (both American and British English).
Accurate content
Clear and precise definitions. You can use them as reference. The content was developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.
It contains not only hundreds of thousands of English words and definitions but names of famous persons, dates, geographical locations, technical and scientific terms and more.
Lots of sample usages
Sample sentences show you how to use the words in your own speaking and writing.

Concise English Dictionary incorporated a powerful, internet browser like user-interface on which you can efficiently reach what you are mostly interested in. It’s so intuitive that you won’t need to wade through manuals before you start.
Fast look-ups, snappy user interface, smoothly scrolling screens.
State-of-the-art compression technology
It keeps the database as small as possible so that it fits your device memory conveniently.
GUI designed for S60 phones
The user interface of Concise English Dictionary follows the Symbian S60 style standards.
Concise English Dictionary in action

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Opera Mini 5 Beta is now available for download

Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 beta

Want to try Opera's next generation mobile browser?
Simply visit the address using your phone's default Web browser, or read more here.
or you can download from here 

Evan MP3 Player v0.1 (J2ME) mobile java mp3 player

Evan is an MP3 player for mobile phones. The user specifies in which directory the music files are stored, either in internal memory or memory card, and Evan automatically finds them. Supported tags include ID3v2, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4. Using tag information, the player displays the name of the artist, album and title track.

Furthermore, the user can create playlists called, ie lists of favorite songs and the order in which you want to play. Also, if the user is stored somewhere in the phone images (like albums), can assign a specific image to the selected album, and it will appear when you play songs that belong to this album. If the picture is too large, the program tries to reduce it to the desired size.

Evan is designed for mobile phones with Java and resolution of at least 176x240 pixels. The recommended resolution is 240x320 pixels. Must also support the functions of the phone playing MP3 file type. For smooth run of the application, your phone should have at least 1 MB of memory for heap javovských objects (ie, 1 megabyte Java heap - similar to memory).


· MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1, File Connection and PIM API 1.0
· Display: 240x320 or 176x220, 65,536 colors


PS. website/author is in Czech language, you can use Google Translate to translate the website

Opera Mini 5 Beta. Coming very soon: The next generation in mobile browsing.

Opera Mini 5 Beta. Coming very soon: The next generation in mobile browsing.

Opera Next

MobileZX v0.8.61 -ZX Spectrum 48K Emulator

MobileZX is a (GPL) ZX Spectrum 48K Emulator for J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) and Mophun devices, such as PDA's, Handhelds and Cellular phones. ZX-Spectrum 48 (AKA Speccy) was a very popular home computer in the 80's and it was based on a Zilog-Z80 3.58Mhz CPU (I loved it ;-). MobileZX is released under the GNU GPL.

* Built around MIDP2 specification (gameCanvas required).
* Full Z80 emulation, unknown opcodes included :-)
* Full spectrum screen emulation, included flash and bright properties
* Very simple architecture and class model. MobileZX midlet class, Spectrum, Z80 and color class.

A new release of the mobile phone ZX Spectrum emulator, MobileZX has been issued. This is a minor bug fix which improves the contrast between normal and bright colours. Thanks to Anton Belenki for spotting this issue.

Download Here

Trapster 3.2.5

Trapster is an application for getting speed trap alerts on your mobile phones and other types of devices.

The small blue dot follows your GPS location in real time. The blue circle shows your alert radius. As you approach reported trap locations and one or more of the traps come within that blue circle, Trapster begins playing audio alerts such as “Live Police” or “Red Light Camera”, and animating the associated icons. Of course as with everything Trapster, you can report new traps and rate the traps that other users have reported.

Trapster will work on any phone that has full J2ME support, GPS hardware, and unrestricted GPS capabilities. If you bought an unlocked Nokia N95, N96, or similar device, it will almost certainly work.

Just go to on your mobile browser and click the appropriate download link.

Monday, 14 September 2009

YourTube v0.9.2 J2me YouTube Video Downloader For Mobile

What is YourTube ?

YourTube is a open source J2ME YouTube video downloader for mobile phones.
Minimum requirements:
* MIDP-2.0
* CLDC-1.0
* JSR 75 (File Connection API)

Ability to search YouTube videos.
Support for multiple video formats.
Support for background download and download queue.

Changes in this release:
* Fixed video parameters retrieval to avoid 404 errors
* Various fixes.

Download Here

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Virtual Radio v1.20/1.30 - Free Internet Radio Player For Mobile!

Listen to your favorite Web radio station on your mobile phone! VirtualRadio brings a big number of selected Internet radio stations to your mobile phone and gives you great sound wherever you are.

VirtualRadio FREE for Java phones has been designed for modern mobile phones but may not run perfectly on every phone! Most mobile phones in use are so-called Java phones. As there are thousands of different Java phones around, we are unable to tell exactly where VirtualRado will work or not. To optimize the user experience, we have reduced the standard list of radio stations to channels with a low bandwidth only (32kbps) within the Java version. Just try it out, it is free! And, if you feel like, kindly give us your feedback.

New version note :

The new FREE version of VirtualRadio for Java and Symbian phones offers improved sound quality and runs on Symbian and regular Java phones.

Download Here

FindMe v1.4.3 J2ME - S60v3 S60v5 Social Network Program

FindMe is a mobile social network program developed for your personal mobile phone.
Friends will be accessible to you via your mobile phone, thus ensuring almost non-stop contact.
The FindMe program operates directly from your mobile phone so you will always be able to find anybody anytime on the map.

FindMe provides both location data and information on places of interest throughout the world in a convenient and fast way!

Menu Functions

Use this function to:
- View your location on a map
- Change the type of map
- Change the scale
- See the address
- Set location manually if a GPS-receiver is not connected.
- Move a map.

- Use this function to add a user in any country to your friends list.

- With this function you can store a full list of your contacts added via the menu option “Add friend”.
The FindMe program allows you to save up to 100 contacts on your mobile phone. To access additional information about the contact not included in the “My friends” list please use the menu function “Find contact”.

- Use this function to send a text message to one friend or a group of friends from your contact list. You may also attach:

- Pictures and addresses (Geo-photo)
- Images from your mobile phone’s memory card
- Last saved location (Geo-mark)
- Records saved in your “Journal” section

- This function allows you to take photographs of any object without logging out of the program. Both the photo and the address are automatically saved in the “Journal” section and will be viewable to you on your mobile phone and the web site. Other FindMe users can also view your pictures by setting the relevant access status.

- Use this function to store the addresses of your favourite locations in the “Journal” section. Stored data will be viewable both on the website and your mobile phone.
For example if you have visited an interesting cafe and wish to tell your friends about it, simply create a “Geo-mark” and mail it to your friends. Recipients will receive a message with a map pointing to the exact location.

- By using this function you can send the address of your location to one or several friends. After sending the information receivers will see a message informing them of the address of your location. There is an option to save the list of receivers which will allow you to send future messages by pushing only one button.

- Use this function to make adjustments to the following settings:
Add other FindMe users to your group and select their access rights to your profile.

1. My visibility – the visibility regime you have determined for other users: Accessible for everyone – information on your location is accessible to all FindMe users who know your mobile phone number;
Only friends – your location can be seen only by those users included in your “Friends list” who have been granted full viewing access. A user who is not included in this list can send you an SMS with an invitation to join his/her group of friends. You can choose to accept or decline such invitations.
Invisible – information about your location is not accessible to anyone and no-one can see where you are.

2. Switch on/turn off GPS – When starting the FindMe program the GPS-receiver is always switched on by default allowing your location and the location of others to be displayed. When the GPS-receiver is turned off you are invisible to users and cannot be seen in the reporting system. In this instance other users can only view your last recorded location.

3. Status updates – This refers to the time setting for the update of your information to other users. At the time of updating, messages and requests from other users, and the current addresses of friends you are tracking will appear instantly.

MY REPORT - Use this function to store the location details along a specified route. Data will be saved in sequence and can be viewed through your personal account or on the FindMewebsite.
To activate this function go to the “My Way” menu before starting your journey and press stop when you finish it. Later you will be able to view the route taken.
You can also view the route covered by your friends, who have granted you access, via the website. Please note, to use the program in the reporting mode the GPS receiver must be switched on.

- This function allows you to send your location to friends listed in your “Contacts” in an urgent situation. We recommend you develop a constant list of friends who may be contacted this way in case of an emergency. Listed contacts will receive a FindMe message and a standard SMS alerting them that you need help. The message recipient will also receive the address where the incident has occurred.

Minimum requirements for mobile phones supporting the FindMe program are as follows:

*16 bit colour display
*Mobile telephones supporting Java
*Internet connections – GPRS, 3 G or Wi-Fi.

Download Here

Saturday, 12 September 2009

JMEBoy 1.3.3

JMEBoy is a Java-based Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for mobile devices . If you want to play Gameboy games on your mobile phone you should try this emulator.

1.3.3 (based on rev. 311)
- enable saving and loading the emulator state (feature request ID 2804463)
- synchronize RTC with the device’s clock instead of the emulated Gameboy CPU’s

JMEBoy 1.3.3
JMEBoy 1.3.3 with games

Friday, 11 September 2009

Audio Tuner Mobile v0.6 J2ME

Audio Tuner Mobile v0.6 J2ME

Keep your musical instrument in tune with Audio Tuner Mobile. Tune musical instruments using your mobile phone. This includes guitar, ukulele, violin, piano, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello and autoharp.

· Java enabled mobile that supports recording of audio

What's New in This Release
· Fix exit issues
· Exit button on screen
· Signal strength on screen


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Palringo 0.84 For Mobile Phones

Palringo is Instant Messaging client (Jabber, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, Gadu-Gadu, AIM, and Google Talk) for mobile phones, allowing you to easily type chat messages or send photo and voice messages with all your friends.

  • Chat with friends by speaking or texting
  • Leave messages when contacts aren’t online
  • Instantly see status of contacts
  • Contact users of other popular IM systems
  • Works independently of network provider
Palringo 0.84
Download Palringo to your Java mobile phone by browsing to on your device.

Glass Player v2.3.01 Java mp3 Music Player

GlassPlayer has evolved to its second generation for J2ME mobiles. New improved handling for media, now supporting all media content, videos, audio, including streaming media over network

Supports all file formats the phone's native player doess (mp3, mp4, aac, midi, wma, etc....) If your phone doesn't support videos, no worries, you can still get a great experience by using GlassPlayer as a music player

Key Features:

-Multiple playlists
-Network radio
-Video playback
-Touch screen support
-Sleep Timer
-ID3 tag support
-FastTrack queue
-Random play
-Continuous play
-Nice looks
-Free upgrades


GlassPlayer offers a multi-functioning media player with capabilities to play mp3 files along with all other formats supported by the device. Video playing capabilities include full screen (where applicable). On selected phones you are able to use equalizer to adjust your tunes to fit perfectly to your head phones
and sound preferences

Download Now:-

Glass Player [Java Music Player] 2.3.01

Glass Player [Java Music Player] 2.3.01

Download Glass Player V1.1.03 (Full Version)