Friday, 10 October 2008

Anti Theft Alarm v1.0

Anti Theft Alarm v1.0

Anti Theft Alarm by Umar

This application alerts us when our mobile phone is being touched.

How It Works:
Security mode is activated by pressing middle joystick or OK button. When ever anyone clicks a button in your mobile phone, a security alarm alerts you.

All MIDP-2.0 Java supported mobile phones.

Anti Theft Alarm v1.0

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Q-SpyCam For Java Phones

This program turns your mobile into a cool spy cam. All you have to do is run it and place it in the location you wish to monitor. Then just enter the Website address displayed on the mobile using a computer or access the live stream via Bluetooth and you will see what your mobile can see instantly. You can monitor what is happening from any location in the world!

Supported Models: Nokia6233, Nokia3230, Nokia6680, Nokia6630, Nokia N93, Nokia 5200 SIE-C65/25, SonyEricssonK310i, SonyEricssonK610i, SonyEricssonK508i, Sony-Ericsson K750i, MOT-L6, MOT-L7

Note: You need an active WAP or Bluetooth connection in order to use this program. Please check below if your phone is supported. WAP charges depend on your mobile network.

To download directly to your mobile, enter this link in your wap browser:

Monday, 6 October 2008

Q-MSN v2.0

Finally a super fast version of Windows Live Messenger also commonly referred to as MSN Messenger has arrived on Mobiles. Talk to your friends when you want where you want. It comes with everything you need to talk to your friends on your mobile.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • High Quality message sounds.
  • Appear as offline or any other status when initially signing on.
  • Low WAP data usage.
  • Very Fast.

To download directly to your mobile, enter this link in your wap browser:
You can also download the game to your computer first and then transfer it to your phone.

Activation codes can be found at

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Yamee v1.1 - Free Yahoo Messenger Client

What’s New in version 1.1
*60 emotions
*message alerts : vibrate, sound, flash backlight

Free Yahoo Messenger for your handphone and connect directly to Yahoo’s server. You can make conference, add or delete contact, set or view the status and send message to group or several selected contact

This Messenger is also skinnable, you can change the UI skins from the setting menu. View others status from the text banner on the top and set your own status or set the custom status.


  • add and remove contact
  • conference
  • contacts grouping
  • send message to group or several selected contacts (press # to show the mark)
  • send and receive BUZZ
  • receive offline message
  • incoming mail notifications
  • typing notification
  • offline/online notifications
  • show/hide offline contacts (shortcut: press 0)
  • set or view status (status shown on the top screen)
  • skinnable (4 type skins)

-to show chat view, press *
-to show/hide offline contacts, press 0
-to show/hide the mark press #

Saturday, 4 October 2008


MeBoy is a Gameboy Colour emulator for mobile phones. It only works on phones with support for Java Micro Edition, specifically MIDP 2.0. The speed depends on the processor inside your phone, which may or may not be fast enough

Step by step tutorial on installing MeBoy:
1. Make sure you have Java installed on your computer, version 1.5 or later.
2. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar (file attached below). If you are presented with a choice, make sure you select “Save”/”Save to disk”, not “Open”/”Open with Java…”.
3. Internet Explorer users only: IE has a weird habit of renaming the file to a “.zip” file, resulting in a compressed folder containing “.class” files. If this happens, change the name to MeBoyBuilder.jar and you should be able to run it as a Java program.
4. Run MeBoyBuilder.jar by double-clicking.
5. Press the “Add ROM” and select a ROM file. Repeat for all games you want to add.
6. Press the “Finish” button. The file MeBoy.jar is created for you (in the same directory as MeBoyBuilder.jar).
7. Copy MeBoy.jar to your phone.

Compatible Devices
Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z550i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W800i Sony Ericsson w810i Sony Ericsson W550i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson w200i Sony Ericsson k700i Sony Ericsson K750i Sony Ericsson k510i
Nokia 6300 Nokia 5300 nokia 5200 LG LX550

Download MeBoy v1.3.1

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Friday, 3 October 2008

Toury chat v.1.0.1

In Toury Chat you are able to: - Create your personal avatar - toury, and choose her appearence - Chat with other players - Use your personal room to change your clothes - Users will be able to transfer accounts into “Go Toury!” full version for free.

Supported Devices

Nokia: 3600 slide, 5000, 5220 XpressMusic, 5300, 5310 XpressMusic, 5320, 5610, 5700, 6110 Navigator, 6120c, 6121 classic, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6233, 6234, 6265, 6265i, 6267, 6270, 6275i, 6280, 6288, 6290, 6300, 6301, 6500c, 6500s, 6555, 6600 slide, 7370, 7373, 7390, 7500, 7510 Supernova, 8600 Luna, E50, E51, E65, E90, N71, N73, N75, N78, N81 8GB, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB.
Samsung: A717, i300, i320, i320N, SGH A701, SGH A707, SGH D600, SGH D600E, SGH D800, SGH D820, SGH D830, SGH D836, SGH D840, SGH D900, SGH E840, SGH E890, SGH E898, SGH E900, SGH E950, SGH F500, SGH G600, SGH i300, SGH i550, SGH P850, SGH P900, SGH P906, SGH P910, SGH P920, SGH T809, SGH U900, SGH Z400, SGH Z400V, SGH Z510, SGH Z530, SGH Z540, SGH Z560, SGH Z630, SGH Z720, SGH ZV50, SGH-i607, SGH-P520, SPH A900, SPH A900P, SPH M610.
Sony-Ericsson: C702, C902, G502, G700, G900, K660i, K770, K790a, K790i, K800i, K800iv, K810i, K850i, M600i, P990i, S500i, S700, S700i, S710a, T650i, W580i, W760, W830i, W850i, W850iv, W880i, W890i, W900i, W910i, W950i, W960, Z750.
Motorola: A1200, A780, E1000, E1070, E680, E680i, IC902, K3, MOTOROKR Z6m, Motorola Q, Motorola Q Plus, Razr V3x, RAZR V3xx, RAZR V3xxv, RAZR V6, RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9, RAZR2 V9m, RIZR Z10, RIZR Z8, ROKR E6, ROKR Z6, U9, V1075, V1100, V3x-Vodafone.
BenQ-Siemens: E71
Siemens: EF81.

Toury chat v.1.0.1

Thursday, 2 October 2008

GlassPlayer 2.0 full

Until now there hasn't been alternative to phones' native mp3-players in J2ME phones. With GlassPlayer you get the functionalities you lack with most common native players, like multiple playlists, nice looks and great user interface. Get yourself a sophisticated mp3 player for your J2ME device.

Key Features:
-Multiple playlists
-ID3 tag support
-FastTrack queue
-Random play
-Continuous play
-Nice looks
-Free upgrades

Tested on k810!


trutap - Mobile IM and Social Networking

trutap allows you to take your online social life where you go. You can send group messages, SMS and email from your mobile phone for free. You can also chat with your friends on IM (e.g. MSN) and post to blogs, photo-sharing accounts and social networks - all from your mobile phone.


  • Instant messaging wherever you go
    Add your MSN, Yahoo!, AIM (AOL) and ICQ accounts and chat with your IM friends from your phone! Our multi-chat tool lets you talk to everyone at once!
  • Group messaging for free
    Create groups of trutap friends and have lots of ongoing conversations. Longer messages, unlimited message storage, plus photo-messaging!
  • Manage your favourite blogs and social networks from your phone.
    Post comments and upload photos to blogs and photo-sharing sites like Flickr, Blogger, Typepad, Photobucket and more. Update your Facebook status from trutap, wherever you are!
  • trutap supports all of the following services:
  • MSN instant messenger
  • Yahoo instant messenger
  • AOL (AIM) instant messenger
  • ICQ instant messenger
  • Blogger
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Friendster
  • Livejournal
  • Photobucket
  • Typepad
  • Xanga
  • Email-to-blog

How do I get trutap?
Easy, simply go to the sign up page and create an account. Then follow the instructions to download the application onto your mobile phone and away you go!

Or you can go to on your phone’s mobile browser. And if you’re in the UK, just text ‘trutap’ to 80468 and we’ll send you a download link that’ll help you download trutap onto your phone!

EasyCalcBasic v1.6

EasyCalcBasic is a small and simple calculator for your mobile phone.

Comes with hyper-intelligence:
You can write *,x,/,div,divide,subtract,plus,minus,times,takeaway, or pls,tms,add…you will still get the same result.

Asc Dec Hex Chr Currencies Cm Inches and Centigrade to Fahrenheit etc

Conversion Vocabulary:
13 currency 3 letter abbreviations plus Asc, Dec, Hex, Chr, foot, furlong, fathom, caliber, mile,gram or g, grain or gr, milligram or mg, ounce or oz, pound or lb, st or stone,kilogram or kg, ton metric or tn,mm,cm, m, km, yard, point, pica, nm, hand, inch, foot, furlong, fathom, caliber, teaspoonful or tsp, tablespoonful or tbsp, milliliter or ml, quart fluid, quart dry, pint dry, pint, peck UK, peck US,ounce fluid, litre, cup, mile, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, hourly, daily weekly, biweekly, triweekly, monthly and yearly

Enter up to 10 numbers with labels .
Uses ‘paper and pen notation’ - equations are formed top to bottom.
Supports 13 editable currencies, plus one General One.
Convert Characters to ascii, Centigrade and between 13 currencies.
Features an Integer Lock - Allows you to only enter numbers and then to switch back to entering text and numbers.

Automatically Update Forex Rates from the Internet.
Features Presets - Allows for form-style calculations with multiple values.

Preset 1 - Fuel Consumption Imperial/Metric Calculator.
Calculates: The distance travelled based upon Odometer readings. Gallons/litres per mile/km. Dollars per Gallon/litre per mile/km.

Preset 2 - BMI Imperial/Metric Calculator.

Preset 3 - Dice - D100,D20,D12,D10,D8,D6,D4,Coin toss,D? and D?.

Preset 4 - Quit Smoking - Calculates the cost per packet per week and per year, the number of days since you quit, and the total money saved over all days, and months.

Preset 5 - Power Account - Calculates the total units used based on meter readings, the number days in the billing period and the total amount owing including maintenance charges.

Preset 6: Trigonometry Calculates: Sin, Cosine, Tan, aTan, aCosine, aSine, and Pi * (r ^ 2) in Degrees or Radians. Enter one value and press equals to calculate all values.