Sunday, 6 July 2008

aED-Dloader v4.4.3

With this program you can now download files from rapidshare just enter the download link and it will be automatically downloaded. New Feature added now you can download files from mediafire


  • Auto Resume : If your download is interrupted it will auto resume not like in OM Mod where in you have to resume again your download (If Server supports Download Resume Only)
  • Resume anytime : with this you can download a file, stop download another file stop again turn of your phone then resume your 2nd and 1st download from where you stopped provided that you did not change the filename..
  • Last dowload link is saved so if you want to resume your download you dont have to retype the same link again

Please visit for more info

Compatible to all CLDC 1.0 / MIDP 2.0 All phones phones wc can use OM MOD 2.06 is expected also to be compatible with this application.

Tested on: N73, N70, 6300, 6500, N82, 6682, 6600, 6630, 5310, K800, 3310.

aED-Dloader v4.4.3

KD Player 0.9.5 (English Version)

What’s New in version 0.95

1. Added the equalizer for new phone models (the list of supported phones can be viewed HERE)
a. Adjusting Bass and Treble
b. The possibility of manual
c. The opportunity to create their installation
d. 4 standard installation (Rock, Pop music, Classical, Jazz)
2. New feature Play / Pause button for camera phones at SE.
3. The error in setting downloads AlbumArt
4. Changed definition size of the file in the window “Information”
5. Partially changed work with the keyboard on UIQ 3.0
6. Partially changed menus and display text in help


KD Player 0.9.5

MagicBlueHack v1.0

Magic Blue Hack is build by Humayan Kabir Pavel and Avishek Ahmed. By using this Software on your mobile you can access another Bluetooth mobile such as make Call, Send SMS, Read Phone Book and Read SMS Inbox from another Mobile without notifying him by Using Mobile Bluetooth Technology. It may ask for permission to start Bluetooth service with another for first time.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

FileHide 1.2

FileHide is a simple utility to Hide and Show files on your Java enabled phone. The program is password protected. First time it is run, or whenever you request a Change of password, the program accepts a new password.

It toggles the status of the file from Visible to Hidden OR Hidden to Visible. The ‘Show Status of files’ check box is better left to No, if Yes, you can see the current status of the files, at the cost of many many more key clicks in response to File access permission questions from your phone.


FileHide 1.2.jar

Mobile Earth 4.0 - 3D Earth maps and satellite images

mEarth is a Java applications for mobile phones. With mEarth you see Earth maps and satellite images, 2D and 3D, USA topographic maps and images, find Geo places, use chat room, driving directions.

mEarth 4.0

Friday, 4 July 2008

JNJ Mobile Photo Blaster v1.00.S60.Java.Retail-BiNPDA

Photo Blaster, 1.0
by JNJ Mobile, Inc.

Take pictures of your friends, and then blast them with tomatoes, kisses, slime, mud and more! Photo Blaster turns your camera phone into a dangerously fun weapon.

Take pictures of your friends, and then blast them with tomatoes, kisses, slime, mud and more! Photo Blaster turns your camera phone into a dangerously fun weapon. Save your favorite photos and send them to friends, or submit them for review and possible selection as a top pick!

Arsenal - Lots of fun items to choose from such as hearts, arrows, slime and more with great audio effects.
Save and Send - Save your favorite photos and share them with friends and family.
Top Picks - Submit your favorite photos to be reviewed as a possible Top Pick selection.


mJetz web browser v1.10

mJetz is a full-featured mobile browser designed to provide a great web experience on most mobile phones . Teach your ordinary phone some impressive new tricks:

* Fast easy access to favorite sites
* Fast easy access to favorite feeds
* Discover sites, feeds, and mJetz - Mobile widJetz - by searching or browsing categories and favorites
* Personalize content and layout.

mJetz makes browsing effortless - and you’ll never get lost. Try it and see for yourself - just visit from your phone’s click-and-wait browser, and follow instructions to download and install. Once you’re running mJetz on your phone, you can personalize your experience and your profile there. Or come back here and log in to personalize your mJetz here!


mJetz v1.10