Thursday, 27 March 2008

KD player ൦.91 beta english all resolution

KD Player

Java mp3 player

*Enghish translation with google translator

New in v൦.91

[0.9.1 test]
1. Added scrolling tags, unless they roke on the screen (on / off - double-click "#")
2. Added AlbumArt reading from files with over *, "" * imya_papki. " Extensions: PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF (non-animated) (Examples: "cover.jpg, music.png" cover_album_2008.gif "etc.)
3. Added the ability to view the bit rate and Rate to WAV files
4. Added running track numbers, the name of the composer, publisher of the window "Information" to mp3 files
5. Added special management. k790/k800 keys for phones, etc. (switch tracks and rewinding)
6. Modified duration display tracks, playlists, etc. (1:12:58 example, instead of 72:58)
7. The bug with mouse button and "Stop" on the phones of Siemens x65
8. Changed sorting algorithm in music.

Download all resoltion

AmigoMaps v0.1.4

AmigoMaps is a new social network. You can update your profile, pictures and friends all from your mobile phone.

Also you can choose to post your location on the map so that other people can see where you are or have been. You have full control over the privacy of this feature.

It can be set to “public” or “friends only”. Also you can “hide” yourself from friends at any time from the “privacy settings”. You can add and delete friends whenever you want.

See where your friends are on mobile maps. Make new friends nearby and share photos and favourite places!

AmigoMaps v0.1.4

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

All-Format writer j2me

Introduction | Sample documents | Download | Links


'All-Format Writer' is a freeware Java J2ME-based application for the mobile/cellular phone. It allows you to create and send out short and simple documents on the mobile phone in various competing 'next-generation' electronic document formats. These include OpenDocument Format (ODT), Microsoft's Office Open XML (DOCX), China's national electronic document format Unified Office Format (UOF / ) and the popular Portable Document Format (PDF). To contact the author on questions & enquiry, please click


  • Sample.docx - Microsoft Office 2007 DOCX file generated on Nokia mobile phone

  • Sample.odt - OpenDocument ODT file generated on Sony Ericsson mobile phone
  • Sample.uof - Uniform Office Format UOF file generated on Sony Ericsson mobile phone
  • Sample.pdf - Adobe PDF file generated on Nokia mobile phone, the device name Nokia 6120c is recorded in the document's properties


    It is available for immediate download from It is free for personal use, for other uses please contact the author. Note: This application requires the mobile / cellular phone to support J2ME & JSR 75 (FileConnection). e.g. Nokia 6120c, Sony Ericsson W810i etc.

    As this application writes files to the removable storage, user permission is required. On the Nokia phones, the messages prompted will be "Allow application All-Format Writer to read user data?", followed by "Allow application All-Format Writer to write user data?". On the Sony Ericsson phones, the messages prompted will be "Allow application to read user data?" and "Allow application to write user data?". Please select "Yes" in all the above instances.

    To download from mobile phone
    55 KB
    All-Format Writer JAD 1 KB
    All-Format Writer JAR 54 KB
    Note: This software is fully functional and FOC.

    More software from Tea Vui Huang
  • DNG Phone Camera For Nokia

    With DNG Phone Camera you can capture photos directly to the DNG RAW image format from your humble Nokia camera phone.

    The DNG images will be saved to the “Images” folder of the microSD card using the default Nokia image file naming format. DNG is supported by Adobe Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements 3.0/4.0 and DNG Converter software. DNG raw files must first be processed before it can be used to generate a final JPEG or TIFF image.

    DNG Phone Camera is designed for Nokia phones minimally supporting CLDC 1.0, MIDP 2.0, JSR 135 (Mobile Media) and JSR 75.

    for info about DNG visit the Abode DNG

    Download from Author
    enter this URL -

    Thursday, 20 March 2008

    Bluetooth File Manager v1.2.0

    with this program you can browse another cell phone and copy, delete ..etc from your mobile phone

    System requirements
    - CLDC 1.0, MIDP 1.0, JSR 82, JSR ൭൫

    Download from author
    mirror link

    Sunday, 16 March 2008


    MO-Call is a mobile application that offers international calling at ultra-cheap rates..

    YMicroBuddy v1.0 For Java Phones

    YMicroBuddy is the ultimate spy solution for your Yahoo Messenger buddies! Using only your mobile device, you are now able to scan for their real status fast and easy. Find out who is online, offline or even invisible ! The program works on any java midp2 enabled device with no need of configuration, and is free to ഉസേ


    LightMe 1.0.2

    Just a white light is boring … so … LightMe.jar make random light effect too.

    Light stay on, independently by standby mode settings: note: your mobile phone setting are not changed by LightMe.jar … just put LightMe in background or close it, and standby will work as normal.

    At least MIDP 2.0 required, so some old Mobile phone will not be supported !

    LightMe v1.0.2

    Saturday, 15 March 2008

    Qeep - FREE mobile messenger & community

    qeep is a FREE mobile community. Chat and text with friends or anyone from anywhere.

    Qeep - FREE mobile messenger & community

    Description :
    qeep is a global mobile community, where friends meet to have fun… and it’s all FREE. Check out the many ways you can qeep:

  • Chat & Instant Messaging: Send free messages and chat with new friends from around the world.

  • Mobile Photoblogging: See everyone’s mobile photos the moment they take them.
  • Never miss out on anything! Take and share pictures with unlimited storage space.

  • Multiplayer Gaming: Challenge anyone from anywhere to a live game on your mobile.

  • Sound Attack: You won’t find this anywhere else – shoot funny sounds straight to your friends’ mobiles. They get played instantly, just like a ringtone.

  • Download


    A java midlet, use to send voice and image messages to other users using gprs connection.


    Description :
    ScrapBook (Java-midlet) allows its users to write multimedia scraps over the gprs\edge channels, with costs less than the normal mms charges. The scraps are saved in the mobile for offline viewing. The application enables quick and efficient voice, image and text messaging through an easy to use interface.



    Summary :
    Get Wattpad Reader and start reading ebooks on your mobile phone.


    Description :
    Get Wattpad Reader and start reading ebooks on your mobile phone.

    Instant access to over 75,000 works, see what`s hot or search by category, title and author, all directly from your phone. Upload your own works from your PC to share with the Wattpad community.

    Want to know more? Visit our website at


    Thursday, 13 March 2008

    KABLOG for Java Phones

    KABLOG for J2ME is a photoblogging / moblogging / blogging application for your mobile phone, PDA, or other J2ME-compatible device. Supports posting of images as well as standard HTML blog entries.

    kablog v2.0.9

    Ringtone Cutter - J2ME

    Info: MP3 Cutter for java enabled mobile phones

    Ringtone Cutter

    Trackr! v0.1.9 J2ME - The GPS track location based system for social networking

    Use trackr! to let people know where you are and where you have been. All you need is the Internet, a GPS receiver and your mobile phone (or a mobile phone with an internal GPS receiver). Download the application to your mobile phone, create a friendslist and let your friends know where you are!

    Don’t have a GPS receiver or a suitable mobile phone? Then use the trackr! website to find out where your friends are! With trackr! you can…

    * share your current location and track history with your friends
    * see on your mobile phone or on the trackr! website where your friends are
    * view what tracks you or your friends have traveled: distance, average speed, etc.
    * receive a warning when someone enters and/or leaves a certain area (geo-fencing)
    * include a map with your current position on your own website/blog
    * use the Quick Access Code to immediately show others where you are at that moment
    * trackr! is FREE for personal use

    About trackr!

    trackr! uses GPS and Google Maps. It consists of two parts: the website trackr! and the software on your mobile phone.

    What do I need?
    To use trackr! you need a mobile phone with a data plan (for example GPRS or UMTS). You also need a GPS receiver (as a seperate device or builtin).

    trackr! currently works on the following mobile phone types:

    * Windows Mobile 5 and 6 (PocketPC and Smartphone).
    * Java phones with support for MIDP2.0 (Nokia E50, N73, N95, etc.).

    Getting started
    First download the application for your mobile phone (see the step-by-step description). After installing and starting the application on your mobile phone your friends (approved by you earlier) will be able to see where you are on the website. Of course only as long as you want them to see you. Your location is determined using GPS.

    Your friends will be able to see where you are if they are logged in to the website. You can also give someone a quick access code. If they enter the quick access code on the trackr! homepage, they can immediately see your position without creating an account or logging in.

    Obviously you can also see where your friends are if they use trackr! as well.

    Of course you are always in control and you can switch off the application whenever you want to prevent others from tracking you.

    Are there any costs involved?
    trackr! is FREE for personal use. The mobile data connection provider might bill you for data traffic.

    The Java version of trackr! requires:

    * The mobile phone has to support at least Java MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1

    Many current mobile phones e.g. Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Erricsson, etc support Java midlets using MIDP 2.0.

    The trackr! Java client is currently still in development and regularly improved. We still would like to give you the opportunity to try trackr! in this early stage. So far users have reported success with the following devices:

    * Nokia E50
    * Nokia N73
    * Nokia N80
    * Nokia N95

    version 0.1.9 - fixes 'out of memory' issue found on the Nokia N95, which crashed the application after a while.

    Install trackr! Java using the Nokia Application Installer (part of the Nokia PC Suite).

    After installation, you can find trackr! using 'Menu' -> 'Installations' or 'Menu' -> 'Applications'. After starting trackr! for the first time you will be asked to enter your username and password. These are equal to the username and password used to create an account on the trackr! website. You can also configure the interval used to send data to the server in the 'Settings' menu. As soon as the main screen opens, you can start a session using the 'Start Session' option in the menu.

    The current version only supports a part of the functionality of the Windows Mobile Version. Important things to know:

    1. Starting from version 0.1.2 it is possible to use the 'offline' mode as well (as opposed to 'live' mode). Live mode means that each time after a configurable number of seconds positioning information is sent to the server. This allows other to follow you in a near realtime way. In 'offline' mode data will not be sent directly (e.g. using GPRS) but stored on the mobile phone. This data can be submitted lateron.

    Please note: when starting a live session, data will be visible on the website in the 'My live position', 'Position of friends' and 'trackr! on your site' sections. For tracks to show up in the 'Saved tracks' section you have to first send these from the mobile phone using the 'Saved Tracks' menu item (even when using the live mode!).
    2. The application is not 'signed' yet. This causes a warning message to show up on your mobile phone during installation. Also, after starting the first session, two warnings will appear. One is asking permission to setup an (GPRS/UMTS) Internet connection and one for access to GPS data.
    3. You can exit the application using the red 'End Call' button on your mobile phone.
    4. Using the Nokia 'menu' button you can return to the mobile phone menu while trackr! remains running in the background (and will still process and send positioning data). You can continue to use your mobile phone and start and receive calls. To return to the trackr! application, push the Nokia 'menu' button for a few seconds. A list of background applications will appear. Choose the trackr! icon to return to trackr!.

    Register here:trackr! - The GPS track location based system for social networking on your mobile phone

    Quetim For Java MIDP 2.0

    Quetim is a program alternative to write SMS text messages than other predictive text input methods such as Multi-tap, T9 or iTap. It does this by allowing you to type the text message on your desktop PC and then transferring the text to your mobile phone using the built-in camera in the form of QR codes.

    Write text in the form above and press Process

    Capture the matrix code with Quetim*

    Recognizing text from the captured code

    You can send text as a message (SMS)

    Requirements: Java MIDP 2.0 and mobile phone with a camera and this web page.


    To download Quetim to your mobile phone, visit using your mobile phone’s web browser and follow simple on-screen instructions.

    Download the following files to your computer and transfer them to your mobile phone using Bluetooth or cable connection. Install them according to your mobile phone’s installation procedure. Quetim.jar

    YMicroBuddy v1.0 For Java Phones

    YMicroBuddy is the ultimate spy solution for your Yahoo Messenger buddies! Using only your mobile device, you are now able to scan for their real status fast and easy. Find out who is online, offline or even invisible ! The program works on any java midp2 enabled device with no need of configuration, and is free to use


    Friday, 7 March 2008

    UCWEB v6.0 Beta 2

    UCWeb is A free Java J2ME based mobile browser with ome unique features look for as inbuilt email client on with webmail (Yahoo, live Hotmail, GMail, AIM, etc.) support, audio and video multimedia more player, push SMS, off-line content saving, tie-clip board, traffic statistics and multi threaded down load manager.

    UCWEB Features

    • Compression upto 80%
    • Configurable user agent
    • DATA traffic statistics tons of COUNTs the DATA traffic OF your browsing or file downloads
    • Push SMS
    • in built email with support for webmail accounts look for as live Hotmail, GMail Yahoo and AOL.
    • RSS reader
    • save of webpages for off-line viewing
    • tie-clip board ton of CoPy and paste URL into ADDRESS without and three additional option look for as CoPy selected text, CoPy displaying text in current, and CoPy all the text in current window.
    • Multi threaded down load manager with resume capabilities
    • Upto ten tabs CAN opened from one window
    • Autocomplete history from previously typed URLs
    • user defined text size and row space
    • Rotate screen from portrait ton landscape fashion and vice versa
    • Backlight brightness adjustment, user defined backlight timers
    • car Refresh
    • Configurable image quality; Picture intelligent optimization display
    • support zoom shot in and with Full screen support out
    • Preview many type OF email attachmens look for as doc, pdf, ppt, xls, zip, RSR, txt, HTML, eml
    • supports playing audio and video file of format including mid, wav, amr, MP and MPEG
    • PAGE transition effects
    • open duplicate window for current Web PAGE and view PAGE of properties
    Downloading a suitable UCWEB browser install package for your mobile phone by web page, and then transmit to your mobile phone via Bluetoothor USB, and install, you will enjoy internet surf pleasant immediately.Download here
    Visiting via mobile phone build-in browser,system Identify the brand of your mobile phone automatically, and then you can download a suitable UCWEB browser immediately.