Sunday, 11 November 2007

Java Application Bundle Smart Java!!

Here is my java application collections includes

kd player 0.8.9 new!! ,Lyric show player 0.8.5,XploreMe(Great application),New java video player mvideo 1.0,java pdf viewer and document viewer full,,latest opera mini mod 2.05
and lot more ............over 70 applications ...........
Also Games and Animations

and will update regularly please stay with me

Here is the link



minoori said...

hi,,,,,, everybody merry x'mas & happy new year,

i installed this player in my mobile nokia 6280 but its not minimize.that's why more problem while calling or etc. any remedy about the matter. anyway its a good player.
with best regards,

mahbub said...

hi i install this player in my SE k-750i but i doesn't read file..
When i play a song it gives an error message like unable to open file from

Plz help me........

Anonymous said...

something is wrong
i press on download and the 4shared opens and i can see the files
BUT when i press on one of them it askes me about the user name and password

Anonymous said...

hi I want to put internet in my phone how can I put??? y phone is 6120 classic.... tnx

Anonymous said...

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